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What is an automatic cutting machine?

A cutting plotter (or single ply automatic cutting) is a special computerized machine for the two-dimensional cutting of any roll material as well as the majority of materials in plates.

According to cutting requirements, these plotters can work with a static system or with a material recovery system called “conveyor belt system”; according to the material and the kind of production different tools are mounted on the cutting head.

Double your productivity with our cutting system



Pressure static coverings, Sports facilities, Tarpaulins. The fabric and ...

Upholstered furniture

Rubber transformers, Living room, Automotive, Leather. Cutting Trading has ...

Tensile structures

The fabric and material spreading, the identification of the ...

Composite materials

We can provide custom cutting solutions, significantly reducing working ...


We offer cutting solutions for aircraft interiors, significantly reducing ...


The material and cloth spreading, the identification of the ...

Our proposal

Hi Raptor 2.5

Cutting Trading International multifunction cutting consists of a compact and sturdy machine with a modular system for extensive cutting options.The versatility of the HI Raptor system is based on wide availability of tools, the cutting dimension of which can be adjusted electronically. This unit can work with a broad range of materials using the basic machine with specific tools for each type of operation with rapid switch from one material to another. The sturdy construction and the reliable head movement together with high cutting speed and a powerful extraction system ensure high productivity and superior cutting quality.

Performance, saving, quality

The benefits

Production efficiency

Materials Optimization

Our automatic cutting system, Hi Raptor 2.5, is able to minimize the waste of material and consequently the cost of the cutting room due to the cutting and shooting speed and its unmatched precision.

Cutting quality

Our cutting systems are able to perform even the most complex cuts, ensuring precision, speed and accuracy, while enhancing the quality of fabric processing.

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Hi Raptor 2.5




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