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What is an automatic cutting machine?

A cutting plotter (or single ply automatic cutting) is a special computerized machine for the two-dimensional cutting of any roll material as well as the majority of materials in plates.

According to cutting requirements, these plotters can work with a static system or with a material recovery system called “conveyor belt system”; according to the material and the kind of production different tools are mounted on the cutting head.

The static system

The static system is used to cut materials on plates or requires the use of long tables for the cutting of particularly expensive materials on which very big pieces are identified and imperfections have to be detected before the cutting operation.

The conveyor system

The conveyor system is the most used solution thanks to the application of a custom feeder; it allows for the automatic material spreading on the cutting top board and it reduces cutting machine dimensions by resuming cutting, every time the fabric moves forward, from the point where it had left off.

Cutting 10 meters of material by means of a static system requires a table 10 meters long, whereas by using a cutting machine a table with a useful length of 1 meter moving forward for ten windows is sufficient.

Every kind of material and processing require a different tool. These tools can cut, engrave, punch or mill the material.

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